Amazfit Band will be the best alternative to Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Xiaomi’s universe of brands and sub-brands is as dense as it is dynamic. Take, for example, the Zepp brand, formerly known as Huami, responsible for the development and production of Xiaomi and Amazfit activity bracelets. Incidentally, take also Amazfit, once a brand of the Xiaomi ecosystem and currently independent of it.

Currently, these manufacturers are competitors in the wearables with the Amazfit smartband, the 1st generation Amazfit Band to arrive in mid-2020. Now, after two years on the market, the Amazfit Band 5 has a successor on the way, probably the Amazfit Band 7 (name not confirmed), to compete with Xiaomi’s new release, the Mi Band 7.

Amazfit will continue to compete with Xiaomi’s Mi Band

Amazfit Band 5
The current Amazfit Band 5 smart bracelet.

Zepp’s latest smart activity bracelet was launched in 2020, so as an alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It was then dubbed the “Pro” version of the Mi Band 5 as it is very similar to this one, but with some considerable improvements inside. .

More recently, however, Xiaomi unveiled the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 that should hit the Portuguese market during the summer. However, we also have the Mi Band 6 and even the Mi Band 5 still available in Portugal with various discounts applied.

Very soon, however, according to the publication’s exclusive Loggerfirst reported by the Xiaomiui, we will have a new Amazfit Zepp smartband. It will be, again, a fitness bracelet to compete with the product of the old mother house.

Alternative to Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has already been certified and will soon be presented

On the other hand, unlike the original Amazfit Band that appeared as a “reinforced” clone of the Mi Band 5, the next Amazfit bracelet may bring some differences from the Mi Band 7. In addition, it will arrive with model numbers A2177 (standard ) and A2283 (NFC version).

For the new Amazfit Band (2022) we have a screen with a resolution of 194 x 368 pixels. It will also have a battery of 232 mAh capacity, larger than both the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 (180 mAh) and the Redmi Smart Band Pro (200 mAh).

The Amazfit bracelet will use the Zepp OS software as well as the Zepp Life app to pair and control via smartphone. It will also have built-in GPS location and PIN unlock protection.

Finally, we are now waiting for more details about the product to emerge, such as its presentation date and first advertising posters.

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