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Banggood Hobby Day kicks off

We don’t see all of the pre-order offers on the landing page, so it’s worth surfing there, where they are collected. Usually the discounted prices for these products are good, of course you don’t expect half-price stuff, but it’s basically not expensive.

As with all such action, so now there is a little game. The Allowance Rain for example, it starts automatically when you open the home page. Here you have to click on the falling envelopes that hide different gifts. What is perhaps an even better game is the Money Boxwhere you need to collect virtual play money, and if we’re really good, then we can buy this and that on them for free. Of course, this is a challenge because play money is slowly accumulating and things have to be done for it, like browsing Banggood or checking in daily, maybe ordering something.

Banggood has put a lot of emphasis on sports stuff this summer,

or in this series of promotions, so a lot of different products of this kind can be purchased by pre-order, or we can find category coupons is on a separate landing site. Of course, the sports stuff in this case is pretty wide, since all electric scooters and bicycles are also included in this section.

Which is definitely worth paying attention to the real big action starts on june 22which we will surely write about, There are always a lot of good coupon offers, which we do not know in advance, but you will want to check out the Order China page, or Our Facebook page is in Group Of Clinics From China. Of course, every day is worth a click to Banggood itself, and that is it event main page.

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