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The classification of Thor: Love and Thunder has just fallen, and it reserves some surprises. Will the film be for everyone?

In a little less than months, spectators around the world will be able to discover the fourth installment of the adventures of Thor at Marvel. Still camped by Chris Hemsworth, the Nordic god will face a new enemy, camped by none other than Christian Bale. He will nevertheless have a little help since Natalie Portman will take over the role of Jane Foster.

Disappeared from radar since The world of darkness, the actress returns with a small promotion, she will wear Thor’s cape and his hammer. Behind the camera, it is always Taïka Waititi who is at the helm. The filmmaker had given new impetus to the saga, with the quirky and enjoyable tone of his plot. It seems that he has this time pushed the cursor a little higher.

While the film should land on our screens on next July 13, the recommendations of CARA (The Classification & Ratings Administration) have just been released. Like the cinema, the organization determines the minimum age required in dark rooms. Thor 4 will it be R Rated, prohibited for minors unaccompanied by an adult?

Since its film debut, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been putting a point of honor to respect the limit of the PG-13. Disney wants its productions to remain family-run, no film produced under its supervision has ever departed from the rule. Even that Sam Raimi launched into horror, with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe big-eared firm has ensured that the footage remains childish to meet the expectations of young audiences.

It must be said that an R-Rated classification would deprive Marvel of a huge part of its audience, and that profitability takes precedence on this subject. Only Deadpoolthen produced by Fox, had succeeded in freeing itself from this course of action.

An amazing first time

On the Film Ratings site, which lists all the films and their classification, we learn that the film has obtained the precious sesame. Thor : Love and Thunder will be disadvised at least of 13 years. However, one feature of the film caught our attention. Indeed, the text refers to a scene of partial nudity.

If you saw the trailer released a few weeks ago, you know that Chris Hemsworth gave of himself for the role. He indeed appeared in Adam’s outfit, with a pixelated square to hide his buttocks. Obviously, this little trick will be absent during the assembly.

And The Boys has made the posterior of its actors its selling point, this is the first time that Marvel has embarked on this path. Towards a relaxation of the specifications of the house of ideas? We hope so. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness proved that by deviating a little from the beaten path, the MCU could afford a life-saving revival. A scene of sexuality had also been included in the editing of The Eternals by Chloe Zhao.

From there to say that Chris Hemsworth’s posterior will be enough to convince us, Waititi’s project nevertheless has strong arguments to establish itself as an entertainment at all times. He should once again manhandle the heroic and formerly stoic figure of the god of thunder by confronting him with his limits and his cracks. He has a background our Thor. See you in theaters on next July 13 to find Thor baring himself, literally.

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