Expanded portfolio – Signify introduces new WiZ products

Signify today introduced a variety of new lighting products from WiZ. Including a new WiZ Portable button.

WiZ expands its Wi-Fi lighting system

In addition to Philips Hue, the WiZ brand has also belonged to Signify for some time. When controlling the lights, Wi-Fi is used here instead of ZigBee. The WiZ portfolio will now be expanded to include a host of new products, as Signfy announced in a press release today. There is a strong focus on portable lights and a new portable button was also presented.

WiZ is launching a total of 10 new products

The new products are diverse. In addition to a Wiz Mobile table lamp or a WiZ Pole floor lamp, a total of 10 new products are coming onto the market. Below you will find the new products including price and release date.

WiZ Mobile table lamp (from June)

RRP: EUR 89.99

Bild: Signify

WiZ Pole floor lamp (from June)

RRP: EUR 129.99

Bild: Signify

WiZ Bar Linear Light (from June/July)

RRP: EUR 49.99 (1 pack) / EUR 89.99 (2 packs)

Bild: Signify

WiZ Portable Button (from June)

RRP: EUR 29.99

Bild: Signify

WiZ Rune ceiling light (from June)

RRP: EUR 139.99

Bild: Signify

WiZ SuperSlim ceiling light (from June)

RRP: EUR 99.99 (43cm) / EUR 149.99 (55cm)

Bild: Signify

WiZ Imageo spotlight (from June)

RRP: EUR 119.99 (round) / EUR 149.99 (square)

Bild: Signify

Also new are a Mini P45 lamp for EUR 15.99 (June), a High Lumen A80 for EUR 29.99 (June) and various WiZ panels (September).

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