Fairphone launches model under monthly subscription to have your sustainable mobile

Fairphone, the manufacturer of mobile phones that respect the environment, is introducing in the testing phase the possibility that users, instead of acquiring a Fairphone 4 device they own, have one under their new subscription system of 21 euros per month called Fairphone Easy.

At the moment it will arrive in the Netherlands, although if the results are satisfactory, the company plans to take this subscription model to more European countries over the next year.

Of course, at no time, the user will be the owner of the device, being rather a rental of the same, nor will there be any associated mobile data ratehaving to provide the SIM card of the operator you have contracted.

Boosting the circular economy

As positive aspects is the fact that the company assumes the repairs, where in reality the damaged device will be replaced by a new one, and an incremental discount will be offered to users in their subscription on an annual basis in case the need to repair the device has not arrived.

In this regard, they will be offered a discount of two euros per month after the first year, four euros per month after two years, and eight after three years. The idea is to incentivize the useful life of the devices mobiles in the hands of users.

If a user decides to unsubscribe or ends their subscription, the device will become part of a new user, or if this is not possible, the parts of the device will be reused to repair another device that is damaged.

Users may choose to purchase the device under this model by subscription from a minimum of three months to a maximum of sixty months, with a deposit of 90 euros at the beginning, which will be returned at the end of the subscription.

After the life of the device, Fairphone will take care of recycling it correctly instead of turning it into electronic waste or storing it in a drawer.

According to the company:

This business model has been a desire of ours for a long time; Until now, we’ve been working primarily to make the process of designing and producing a phone fairer for people and the planet. But, after the customer buys the phone, the process is out of our hands. With the Fairphone Easy service model, we can now make the entire phone lifecycle fairer and more sustainable by encouraging longer use and ensuring proper reuse and recycling.

More information: Fairphone Easy

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