Get Fiber now, Orange is selling off the price of its Livebox

No more excuses for not having Fiber. The Orange Fiber Livebox is currently at a low price for the first year… It’s now or never!

To you the Fiber at a contained price! Right now, and until July 12, 2022, the Orange Fiber Livebox is 22.99 euros per month the first year instead of 41.99 euros monthly. You will be able to enjoy a very high speed connection at a low price. It would be a shame to miss out on this golden offer…

We tell you all about the incredible offer on the Orange Fiber Livebox:

Take advantage of the Livebox Fiber at €22.99 per month

Take advantage of the excellent Orange Fiber Livebox at a low price

It is indisputable, Orange is the reference Internet access provider in France. A high quality network, excellent customer service but also, alas, a price that is generally just as premium. However, the ISP sometimes spoils us with exceptional offers that must be seized urgently.

Thereby, until next July 12Orange offers you its Livebox Fiber at a really low price. You benefit from 500 Mbit/s in downloading and sending, unlimited calls to landlines and up to 140 TV channels included with the Ultra HD 4K decoder for only 22.99 euros per month the first yeare. After twelve months, the price of the Internet box goes up to 41.99 euros per month. A 45% reduction for one year is a real bargain! It is, thus, aone of the best Internet box offers from the moment.

With this very high speed connection, you benefit from Internet without interruption and with a reduced latency time. You will be able to watch your favorite movies and series and play your games in the best conditions. Speed ​​and fluidity are at the rendezvous. Even if there are several of you watching Netflix at the same time, for example, you should not be bothered by a slow connection.

The Orange Fiber Livebox is a triple-play and therefore complete offer which should therefore be suitable for as many people as possible. In addition to an Internet connection worthy of the name, you also benefit from the telephone and the TV with this box. Complete, we tell you! To enjoy the TV channels, however, note that you will have to pay 40 euros to activate the Ultra HD 4K TV decoder.

The Orange Fiber Livebox comes with a 12 month commitment period. So you can leave the ISP before the subscription goes back to its original price of 41.99 euros per month. But Orange multiplies the arguments to keep you by its side.

With a low price, you have every reason to fall for the Livebox Fiber from Orange.

Take advantage of the Livebox Fiber at €22.99 per month

Orange, the best choice for your Internet box

Note that Orange offers you to check if you are indeed eligible for Fiber directly on its site. To do this, you just have to enter your postal address to get the answer instantly.

Suggest a triple-play offer at 22.99 euros per month, it’s very strong from Orange. In addition, the ISP takes care of terminating your offer with your current provider. To save even more, Orange reimburses you up to 150 euros in cancellation fees, the latter generally never exceeding this amount. Time and money saved is always taken.

Finally, an Orange expert comes to your home to make the Fiber connection free of charge. Then, your new Internet box starts automatically and you can then enjoy your very high speed connection. Easy as pie…

To take advantage of Fiber at low prices at Orange, it’s until July 12, 2022:

Take advantage of the Livebox Fiber at €22.99 per month

If you are not eligible for Fiber, don’t panic since the Orange Livebox is available in ADSL at the same price, ie 22.99 euros per month for one year, then 36.99 euros monthly.

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