hunted by Pegasus at 285 km/h on the AP-6

There are those who continue to believe that the highway is a circuit to unleash their sports car: this offender cum laude it has hunted one of the helicopters Pegasus of the DGT to nothing less than 285 km/h on the AP-6. This is one of the highest speeding violations recorded on our roads, staying close to the record.

The driver, of Irish nationality, has been arrested by the Civil Guard, as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against traffic.

It joins other unconscious recently detected leaving far behind the limit set by the road, like this driver hunted at 295 km/h on Autovía de Castillaalso with a Porsche.

Possible traffic offense for another near-record record

As pointed out by the Segovia Civil Guard group, this daredevil behind the wheel was circulating last Friday, June 9, on the AP-6 with his Porsche 911 when he was photographed by the DGT helicopter, He was doing a speed check in the area.

Specifically, as detailed by several local media like the Diario de Ávila, at kilometer 60 of this motorway, as it passes through the municipality of El Espinar (Segovia). The maximum reading was given to 285 km / h but it was also detected at 224 km/h kilometers afteras can be seen in the video.

At both points the speed limit is set at 120 km/h, the generic maximum on our highways and motorways. After the two searches, and the pertinent alert to ground patrols, it was intercepted at kilometer 130 of the A-6 by the Civil Guard.

The Reports Team of the Traffic Subsector of the Civil Guard of Segovia has been in charge of the investigation of the proceedings, which have been sent to the Guard Court.

Thus, this Irishman faces a possible crime against traffic safety for speeding. Not in vain, it is one of the assumptions contemplated in the Penal Code as such, according to the Article 379.1: exceed the limit set by the road by more than 80 km/hin the case of interurban roads.

And it has done so in spades, since on a road limited to 120 km/h it is considered a crime from 201 km/h. This is punished with prison sentence of three to six months or a fine of six to 12 months or work for the benefit of the community of 31 to 90 days, in addition to the driving license withdrawal between more than one year and up to four.

On the other hand, driving at that speed in an area limited to 120 km/h is a very serious infraction, which is sanctioned with 600 euros and the subtraction of six points from the license.

This driver goes down in the historical annals of speeding committed in Spain, staying close to the record set in 2016, which was 297 km/h.

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