iCloud: How to optimize Apple’s cloud storage


The storage space of your Apple device is full? Our guide will show you how to optimize iCloud storage without paying any money for an upgrade.

Die Apple iCloud is perfect for your regular backups, synchronizing photos and exchanging data. However, the memory of the free version is quite limited at five gigabytes. But you can easily fix it.

A Upgrade your iCloud storage costs you from 99 cents a month. With a few tricks, however, you can save yourself the memory upgrade.

Your iPhone does it automatically data backups and stores it in iCloud. These are quite large and rarely bring you anything in everyday life. Therefore we recommend you that Backup via iTunes to do and back up to a real hard drive to save cloud storage. Then you can iCloud-Backups switch off as follows:

Mit Apples Cloud storage much more is possible. In our Instructions overview for the Apple iCloud we will tell you various tips and tricks for using the service.

Cloud storage in comparison: 13 providers in the test

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