Max Verstappen beats Charles Leclerc by the minimum and Fernando Alonso gives reasons for illusion in Canada

Max Verstappen has been the fastest on the first day of free practice on the Canadian circuit. The world champion stopped the clock in 1:14.127, just 81 thousandths faster than Charles Leclerc. If the mechanics respect that of Ferrari, there may be a close fight for victory in Montreal.

And it is that Leclerc is seriously considering the possibility of changing the turbo of his power unit, which would penalize him on the grid. The engine that broke in Baku has been completely unusable, so at Ferrari they think that perhaps it would be a good choice to penalize a circuit like this.

Mercedes is in trouble after the new FIA commands with the ‘porpoising’

Norris Canada F1 2022

who knows if it could be the opportunity Carlos Sainz is waiting for. The man from Madrid, third, was only two tenths behind Verstappen and one behind Leclerc, so he is quite close to the speed of his teammate. Little by little, Sainz is seen to be much more comfortable with the Ferrari.

The situation looks good for Sainz, especially because Sergio Pérez looks like he is having one of those weekends crossed that sometimes assault him. The Mexican is lost in Canada, having set only the eleventh fastest time of the day, one second behind his teammate. We will see if Red Bull rescues him on Saturday.

Ocon Canada F1 2022

The fact that has given many reasons for the illusion is Fernando Alonso. Not only because of the time he has set, the fifth fastest, but because of the sensations. He was third in the morning and it seems that he has not shown all that he has. His ideal return was distorted by bends. He could be before the Grand Prix of him.

Also, Esteban Ocon is not much further behind. The Frenchman has set the tenth fastest time, although he is not going as fast as Alonso. Yes indeed, the first of the rest has been a masterful Sebastian Vettel, which continues in clear progression this season. He finished fourth, less than a tenth behind Sainz and one ahead of Alonso.

Leclerc Canada F1 2022

The ones that don’t work in Canada are the Mercedes. We don’t know if it’s because of the FIA’s new premise for ‘porpoising’, but George Russell has finished in seventh position, behind Vettel, Alonso and Pierre Gasley. And the Lewis Hamilton thing is still on the X file: thirteenth. This is supposed to be his fetish circuit.

Solid role of the McLaren, with Lando Norris eighth and Daniel Ricciardo ninth. Considering that they are a team that usually hides on Fridays, perhaps this shows that they have a good weekend ahead of them. Worst, Valtteri Bottas, who has not even rolled due to serious problems in his Alfa Romeo.

FP2 Formula 1 GP Canada 2022 results

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