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Mi Band 6 and 7 are now very cheap in Hekka

Mi Band 7

A Mi Bandek its sales numbers are beyond imaginationthey are very popular, which is not a miracle, because they usually are goods are low and therefore in return the buyer gets a very usable activity meter. They couldn’t flash too much news anymore, as your predecessor was also a well-hit, versatile device that you can read about below.

But it is also in it continuous measurement of pulse and blood oxygen levelsas it is it also watches our sleep. Already He knows 120 sports, which is a pretty good number, especially since the previous “only” knew 30. Battery capacity 180 mAhthe operating time is roughly 15 nap under normal use, this is as much as the previous version.

The size of the bracelet 46.5 × 20.7 × 12.25 millimetersand its mass 13,8 gramm. Its display has grown, not much, 25% bigger than the previous version, exactly It has a resolution of 1.62 inches and 192 × 490 pixels with a brightness of 500 nits. The display AMOLEDand can now be optionally set to AOD (Always On Display) funkció is, so you can show time up to 24 hours a day like a plain quartz watch, and that doesn’t radically degrade operating time either.

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