Reactions with any emoji on WhatsApp are closer to being a reality

One of the most typical features of today’s messaging apps is the ability to set reactions to individual messages already shared in a conversation by using emojis.

It is present on many messaging platforms, including those that are little known to the general public.

WhatsApp has arrived quite late to this possibility, where for a few months it has already been allowed to establish reactions in individual messages through emojis, although for the moment limited to a few emojis.

Expanding the possibilities of reaction with emojis

We already advanced that WhatsApp was working on allow the use of other emojis chosen from a complete list.

This work is progressing, and WABetaInfo has already seen signs of this improvement in the new beta version that has just arrived on the iOS platform.

Even so, this improvement is not yet operational or for users of the new beta version for iOS.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is designing an interface that will facilitate the search for the emoji that you want to use as a reaction, also having a section where it will house the reactions of recently used emojis.

It will be a matter of time before this improvement in reactions with emojis begins to be functional to reach end users, not only those of iOS, but also those of Android and the desktop version of Android sooner or later. WhatsApp.

We can understand that this complete list of emojis will be updated as new versions of the unicode emoji standard on which it is based are released, so the possibilities will be quite wide, for which WhatsApp should also be considering the interface to accommodate to the possibility that users can use a huge variety of emojis in the same message.

It will be a matter of waiting, since At the moment the plans of the popular messaging platform regarding the launch of this improvement are unknownwhich, as is often the case, will first reach the users of the beta version to finally reach the rest of the users.

More information: WABetaInfo

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