Sonos customers are allowed to keep over-delivered packages

After some customers in the US received several Sonos speakers with their order, they are now allowed to keep them.

Sonos does not reclaim packages

A small update to Sonos-Storyabout which Sam yesterday reported would have. The point here was that some Sonos customers in the USA were placing their orders received many times and the amount was also debited from their accounts. So a customer got whole 30 Packs from Sonos instead of the six packages ordered. For this he was given whole 6.000 Dollar debited.

As The Verge It is now reported that the affected customers will be reimbursed for the overpaid amounts, but will not have to return the packages they have not ordered. However, this is less a matter of goodwill from Sonos, because the US Consumer Protection Agency reports that customers can consider unordered goods as gifts and neither pay nor return have to.

According to Sonos, it adheres to these requirements and also states that the unwanted flood of packets was a software error. In my opinion, definitely a really more than gratifying compensation for the customers affected.


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