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The Aufero Laser 2 laser engraver at a good price at Sinismall

The Aufero Laser 2 is a laser engraver that makes it easy to create imaginative creations. The manufacturer comes with all the tools you need to assemble the gadget so it can be set up in minutes. The frame is made of solid aluminum alloywhich the engraver can easily move, it can do up to 15,000 millimeters per minute. Its power is also outstanding, 10 watts, this power is achieved by the manufacturer combining two 5.5-watt laser beams with a mirror.

The work surface of the device 390 × 390 millimeters, which gives a relatively large freedom in the choice of objects to be engraved. The device can be used on a lot of different materials, be it cardboard, PCB, aluminum, bamboo, plastic or leather. Not just engrave, but the device can also cut, for example, it can easily cut through 6 mm thick veneer, 10 mm thick pine board, leather, cardboard and some plastics. Its field of application is thus almost unlimited, only our imagination limits the creations that can be made. The manufacturer includes it in the package goggles also to keep our eyes intact, and a few wooden plates so that we can stand for exercise immediately after the device arrives.

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