Witchcraft! Google Maps will report traffic without opening the app, with the Android 12 update

The arrival of Android 12 has brought with it a profound change in the interface of this operating system: Many of your applications can now be used through widgets on screen no need to enter them.

One of the lucky ones for this change is Google Maps. The well-known orientation and navigation app will soon have one of these interactive windows, which will allow the state of the traffic in real time.

It will be available “in the next few weeks”

Google Maps Widget

Hypothetical Android 12 home screen, with the interactive Google Maps widget in the center

Thus, in a simple glance from the home screen and no need to run the appit will be possible to check the state of circulation in the streets and highways closest to us.

The widget tYou will get the information directly from the predictions of Google Maps itself, marking each of the roads shown on the map in green, orange or red depending on their level of saturation, as would happen if we open the app on our mobile.

And if at any time we need a greater vision, we can both zoom in part of the map that shows us how to enlarge the widget box, an option this last one that contemplates the new widgets of the ‘Material You’ interface.


According to Google itself on his official blogthis Maps functionality will be available “in the coming weeks” for terminals compatible with Android 12, without detailing no specific date.

Of course, regardless of when we will have it available, it seems clear that Google Maps don’t rest on your laurels and keep working for stay as the most used browser of the world.

Not surprisingly, in recent months he has added many other useful functions for drivers like traffic light statusthe price of tolls or a filter to find out the price of gasoline at the nearest service stations.

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