With this 80 GB mobile plan for less than 10 euros, Orange eclipses the competition

Orange returns to the front of the stage with an 80 GB mobile plan at a mini price. This is undoubtedly the offer of the summer not to be missed for people looking for a premium offer at less than 10 euros.

This Thursday, June 16 marks the return of the -70% offer from Orange which allows you to subscribe to a mobile plan at a low price, 80 GB at 9.99 euros as it happens. This is a little better than the previous promotion last May which offered 10 GB less, or 70 GB. There, the mobile operator therefore offers a larger envelope for a very attractive similar price.

No need to recall that Orange is the number one operator in France which offers the best mobile network on the market. Usually, you have to pay 29.99 euros to take advantage of such a package. There, thanks to a 70% reduction, it goes below 10 euros. In this way, it is able to reach a greater number of users.

To discover the offer on the Orange 70 GB package, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Orange offer

A pioneer in non-binding plans, Orange has been able to adapt its offer to best meet current market expectations. Thus, all its mobile plans are now non-binding. Even if the incumbent operator has a low-cost branch with Sosh, it still sometimes breaks with promotions on its premium products as is the case today with its 80 GB package which is object of a crazy reduction of -70%.

In addition to integrating a more than comfortable internet envelope, the latter offers complete telephony services to meet the majority of users. Concretely, it is THE inexpensive premium plan of the moment not to be missed.

Orange’s 80 GB mobile plan in detail

To come to the services included in the Orange package, there is first of all a customer service which provides quality assistance in the event of a problem or if you have any questions. The advantage compared to that of Sosh is that Orange has physical stores in which you can find many advisers.

This is a real plus since it saves you, among other things, an interminable wait to reach a person on the phone. The other advantage of the Orange plan is that it has a price that does not increase, even after the first year, and generally, the operator shows total transparency by mentioning all the conditions in black and white. of its offers.

In addition to an internet envelope of 80 GB, this Orange mobile plan also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, all for only 9.99 euros per month during the first year. In order to take advantage of this advantageous price, you must use the code ETE22 when you register. Basically, this offer is already very interesting since it benefits from a discount of 15 euros and is displayed at 14.99 euros.

The promo code therefore allows you to take advantage of an additional reduction of 5 euros more every month. In the end, over the promotional period of 12 months, it is therefore a nice saving of 240 euros that you make. What to buy for example a smartphone.

I take advantage of the Orange offer

The little extra of this Orange package is undeniably the ease of use it offers to its users. In addition to offering them total freedom over calls, SMS, MMS and data, they can be used in France but also in the countries of the European Union and the overseas departments, Switzerland or Andorra. An exclusive advantage that only Orange offers and that you don’t see anywhere else.

Put simply, this means you can take advantage of your package when traveling around Europe, without worrying about paying extra – given that everything is included in the offer. No unpleasant surprises, no hidden costs at the end of the month. Also, count 10 euros to be paid at the time of your registration which represents the cost of the SIM card, which as a reminder is at this single price among all the telecom operators on the market.

© Orange

Also keep in mind that the mobile plan price after the first year returns to its initial rate. If you have no problem in view of this future increase, then you will have nothing to do since the renewal is done automatically. If you wish to put an end to it, for example to turn to another offer, then nothing prevents you from doing so and therefore from canceling.

As we pointed out previously, Orange leaves you completely free of your actions and imposes no commitment (from the first month of subscription), which means that you can go elsewhere, whenever you want.

Choose the Orange package while keeping your number

If you are one of the people who come from another operator and want to switch to Orange while keeping your current telephone number but do not know how to do it, know that the procedure to follow is very simple.

First, you need to get your RIO number. For those who don’t know, the Operator Identity Record (RIO) is your unique telecom subscriber identifier. The latter consists of 12 characters (letters or numbers). To obtain it, you must dial 3179 from your mobile phone.

You will then receive all the information necessary for the portability of your number: the end date of your commitment (if there is one), as well as the famous RIO number of your line. It is when you register with your new operator that you will have to enter it in the field provided for this purpose. Finally, note that the process is completely free.

The best mobile plan for summer 2022?

In our opinion, yes! Indeed, Orange is on the top step of the podium by offering a subscription for less than 10 euros per month offering such premium quality. It is an exceptional offer that we only see very rarely and which meets with resounding success each time.

In terms of quality-data-price ratio, this 80 GB mobile plan is simply extra. That said, this offer is not going to last forever since it is offered for a short time and ends in a few days. What is quite paradoxical is that this Orange mobile plan is more interesting than those currently displayed at Sosh, its low-cost subsidiary Sosh which normally aims to offer cheap plans.

In comparison, the same package at Sosh, with a 70 GB envelope and similar telephony services costs 12.99 euros per month. Even if its price is close to this Orange package, it has 10 GB less internet and the data envelope abroad is only 15 GB, against all at Orange (80 GB).

Do not forget to take advantage of this advantageous rate to use the special code ETE22 in the box dedicated to promo codes. In sum, this Orange 80 GB package at 9.99 euros is THE good deal of the summer not to be missed!

To discover this Orange package, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Orange offer

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