A free 100 GB mobile plan for 24 months? Here’s the trick

Until Monday evening, RED by SFR allows you to have a mobile plan at a fairly staggering price. The RED Deal is an ephemeral formula that drastically reduces prices on a mobile subscription. The customer has every interest in jumping on these flash offers.

The RED Deal is a flash sale… which sometimes comes out of stock. How is this possible for a mobile plan? In fact, this formula combines a 100 GB mobile plan with a smartphone which is offered. You must therefore choose a 2-year subscription to receive a device in exchange. The current flash sale is very attractive because it is an expensive Xiaomi smartphone.

In detail, you have on one side a Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE smartphone which is given to you as a gift in exchange for the mobile plan. This device is less than a year old and it still costs 399 euros. It is therefore a gift of such an amount that is made to you if you take a 100 GB package from RED by SFR. Finally, on the condition of succeeding in entering the flash sale before the product is out of stock.

Discover the RED Deal

The mobile plan in question comes with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 100 GB for 15 euros per month for 24 months. If you add up each monthly expense, it will come to a total of 360 euros (15 x 24 months). This amount remains lower than the cost of the gift given to you (399 euros).

Of course, it will technically take out 15 euros per month for this 100 GB mobile plan. That said, if for example you decide to resell the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE smartphone, you will make a profit of 399 euros (or almost, if you give a small discount). This money, you will be able to put it aside to finance the 15 euros per month that will have to be released each year.

In the end, these 399 euros will completely offset the cost of your mobile plan over time.. If you manage to sell it at the official price, you can even make a profit of 39 euros (399-360 euros) on this special RED Deal flash sale.

Why is this RED Deal interesting?

If we particularly insist on this RED Deal operation, it is because it is the most generous that the operator has ever offered. In this case, it is the most expensive smartphone that has been put forward by RED by SFR. Often, you have to subscribe to this 100 GB mobile plan and you receive a smartphone that is worth between 150 and 250 euros.

The RED Deal is an operation that was invented about a year ago. It comes back on a regular basis and allows you to combine a mobile plan and a smartphone. When the cost of the smartphone is significantly below the price of the subscription (which is still 15 euros x 24 months = 360 euros), you cannot do this business. Here you are lucky to have a Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE which fully compensates for the cost of the plan.

If you opt for this mobile plan as part of the RED Deal, you can very well choose to keep this Xiaomi device for daily use. It is one of the most balanced devices on the market and you will be perfectly satisfied with it. Running on Android, it meets all the expectations of the general French public: photo, autonomy, screen and performance.

Discover the RED Deal

Xiaomi is known for being a brand that offers smartphones with excellent value for money. This model will hold up over time with high standards. As its name suggests, the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE is also compatible with the ultra-fast network. Note, however, that the RED by SFR mobile plan is limited to use on 4G. At present, this changes almost nothing for the general public.

A great mobile plan this weekend

The subject of 5G is very sensitive among operators because the cost is gigantic. In France, mobile plans are among the cheapest of all developed countries, so margins are very low. Operators therefore find it difficult to finance the cost of deploying this ultra-fast network, which is why it takes time.

They are then forced to make existing (or future) customers contribute by increasing the price of their mobile plan. Luckily, there are occasionally small opportunities to save money. This is currently the case with the RED Deal which is ultra attractive. Generally speaking, RED Deals are always better than taking out a bare membership.

RED by SFR has always offered non-binding packages: the brand was created to compete with Free Mobile. This RED Deal is the first time it has dared to position itself on a mobile plan with a 24-month commitment. But given the fact that the Xiaomi smartphone is offered (399 euros gift anyway), it’s worth it for the customer.

To give you a point of comparison, its 120 GB non-binding package is 15 euros per month. In other words, you receive 20 GB more per month for the same price as the RED Deal. Except that the latter offers you a Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE and it guarantees you the price of 15 euros per month for 24 months. On the basic subscription, we do not know the evolution of the price.

The RED Deal theoretically ends Monday night. This requires that the stock of Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE has not emptied by then. Indeed, if the stock shortage occurs, RED by SFR reserves the right to suspend its offer. On the most popular models of smartphones in the RED Deal, this is very often the case. We therefore advise you to act quickly to grab this mobile plan.

To discover the RED Deal, it’s here:

Discover the RED Deal

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