How to measure the dimensions of your suitcase or luggage from your mobile to avoid problems at the airport

Going on vacation, for a business trip or whatever the reason, always turns out to be a bit stressful when it comes to the suitcases, their measurements and the weight they must have so that they can be accepted.

For this reason, if you have a conflict regarding the dimensions of your suitcase and you want to know this data from your Android or iPhone mobilethere are a couple of good options that you can use to know such information.

And it is that, as each airline has its rules to follow regarding the measurements and weight of the suitcases, it is best be cautious and check this from home to avoid having a bad time at the airport, which is something that often happens.

Well, now as for how to define the dimensions of your suitcase, we have up to two main options that use augmented reality to determine the measurements of any object, which in this case would be your suitcase. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Please read carefully.

Use the EasyJet app on your iPhone to find out the measurements of your suitcase

We start with an option that has been available only for iPhone mobiles, and this is found within the official EasyJet app, a well-known low-cost British airline that, even if you don’t fly with them, you can use its exclusive function call hand luggage measurer.

Basically, this tool comes to show the model of a 3D box with the maximum measurements that a carry-on bag can haveso yours must enter yes or yes in this box, since if it is left out this means that its size exceeds what is stipulated.

Use this Google experiment on your Android or iPhone mobile to measure your suitcase

Now comes this tool that is available for both Android and iPhone, and of course it has to come from Google. Going into his theory, this is a Google experiment to take measurements with augmented realitythat simple.

Of course, to access this function you must enter the official page of the Measure Up, the Google experiment in question and do everything from there. Once inside, click on the button that says Launch Experiment, then click on the green button which indicates Launch.

At this point, you will have to accept the permissions that the platform asks you to access the camera of your mobile and map the place where you are. When you have clicked on the button To allowwait for a green button to appear in the bottom center of the screen and then click there to start putting together the paths of the suitcase.

To do it in a simple way, you can simply create a line that goes from one side of the suitcase to the other, frame the exact size of the suitcase, give it the necessary depth so that augmented reality can do its thing, and finally click on the button Done when you have framed the suitcase well. In the upper left part of the screen will be the specified measurements.

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