Kung-Fu Panda makes a resounding return to Netflix with its own series

Po the panda will have the right to new adventures through an exclusive animated series on Netflix.

Little panda will grow up, and since his first adventure, Po has come a long way. After Kung-Fu Panda in 2008, followed by two other sequels in 2011 and 2016, the new mascot from Dreamworks was very discreet. But obviously, the martial arts pro panda has not said his last word and intends to return to service.

Dreamworks and Netflix have produced many animated series together, honoring licenses like Dragons or bringing up to date classics like She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. This fruitful partnership continues this time with a series putting Po and all the clique in the spotlight. Kung-Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight will bring back Jack Black as the main character in the original version of the cartoon.

An international adventure

Our favorite panda now bears the title of Dragon Master and leads a very peaceful life after the events of the previous films. However, a strange knight named Luthera of Landreth and straight from England visits him to warn him of imminent danger. Two weasels land in China and covet four ancestral weapons that can grant them immeasurable power.

Po and Luthera the wandering blade will have to cooperate to overcome their fearsome new enemies. Of course, things will not be so simple, and Po’s usual blunders will not please his new sidekick. This new adventure will be an opportunity for both characters to learn from each other to become better fighters. Unfortunately, like most 3D cartoons destined for the streaming platform, animation and textures don’t break three legs to a duck (or in this case to a goose, like Po’s father). However the show seems to have some good surprises in store, and it is always pleasant to find these cult characters in a new special series. Netflix invites us to (re)immerse ourselves in the universe of Kung-Fu Panda of the next July 14.

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