the 7 low cost seats that was missing

In recent years, the Renault Group has worked flawlessly to grow the Dacia brand and transform it into a captivating brand that can be the undisputed synonym of good quality at the lowest possible price. We chose the word “captivating” not by chance, given that a few months ago the Romanian brand has embarked on a new path of Brand Identity. At Dacia they changed their logo and way of communicating, winking at an increasingly young audience that makes their vehicle a means to live day by dayadventure after adventure.

If in recent weeks this revolutionary wave has overwhelmed the Dacia dealers in Italy, in the months to come we will see the new logos also on board the cars: new orders from June 16, 2022 they should already have the Brand Identity revised and improved, with the first deliveries expected at the end of the year.
Obviously, a path of this type would have been null with a line-up of poor products: Dacia has worked hard to better update its workhorses, let’s think of Sandero and Duster, and bring new mobility solutions, or the Spring electric and the latest Jogger. The latter is the car we are going to analyze today, after a thorough two-week test.

The Dacia that was missing

Jogger was certainly the Dacia that was missing from the current line-up, which already with Duster offers a lot of space available.

With the latest addition, however, the Romanian brand offers something more: the possibility of having an extremely versatile 7-seater, with a somewhat “vintage” design that makes an impression and at the same time recycles some traditional canons of minivans, now quite out of fashion. Jogger reminded us in spirit that of the Opel Zafira of the heyday, a car that we have been using for about 10 years with great satisfaction. We mean that Jogger reminded us of the same loading versatility of the German, with a decidedly lower set-up than the Duster and a roof to be exploited to the last centimeter in case of need. Let’s talk about a 708-liter trunk in its 5-seater version / trim, which becomes 1,819 liters with the entire second row lowered. In 7-seater mode, of course, priority is given to something else: the remaining trunk is only 160 liters, but the Dacia men could not really offer more.

We have indeed one car that remains within the 4,547 mm length, with 2,007 mm wide mirrors included and 2,2012 mm high with open tailgate. Relatively compact dimensions that offer everything we have described to you thanks to space optimization and an innate MPV character.

A Dacia Jogger that looks like a Sandero Stepway

If in terms of exterior design and versatility, Jogger is certainly the vehicle that was missing from the Dacia line-up, in terms of driving dynamics and passenger compartment we are exactly on the same level as the Dacia Sandero Stepwaya car that among other things we loved (driving the new LPG Dacia Sandero Stepway), more than the Streetway version.

The passenger compartment is practically identical, same materials, same design, same functionality, with a “hybrid” instrument panel equipped with a small LCD screen for the main driving information and Media Nav da 8″ con Smart Replication anche wireless, at least for Apple CarPlay – not a small detail given the price of the Jogger that we will discover shortly. Once at the wheel, therefore, it seems to be absolutely on a Sandero Stepway, even if the feeling of encumbrance is slightly greater. To our aid, at least on our configuration, there were the front and rear parking sensors, the rear view camera (not of excellent quality but still functional) and the electric handbrake, which you can find inside the Pack Drive Plus. Security is also entrusted to the Cruise Control (strictly non-adaptive), speed limiter, emergency braking, automatic wipers and automatic switching on of lights. Finally, icing on the cake, opening / closing via the classic Renault / Dacia wireless cardwhich opens or closes the vehicle automatically if we approach or move away, ergo we can very well keep the card in a bag or pocket.

Obviously, do not expect further trinkets such as the electric opening of the tailgate, particularly advanced ADAS, head-up display and so on: these are all technologies that on Dacia would only raise prices, for these comforts there are Renault vehicles. Jogger, if you want, is even more essential than Sandero, a Utility Car really made to transport your family from point A to point B and / or to assist you in your work in case you need a car with 1,800 liters of trunk. .

The essentiality of Jogger can also be understood from the online configurator and from the only two engines available. There TCe 110 a benzina is what we tried: 6 manual gears, 200 Nm of torque, a consumption of about 6 liters to travel 100 km, even if in the ring road up to 90 km / h it is even possible to go down to 5 liters. It is a classic Dacia / Renault engine, capable of pushing the right despite its only 81 kW / 110 hp, built not to give emotions but to be functional to the extreme.

This is if using only petrol does not scare you, otherwise the alternative is LPG: the TCe 100 LPG ECO-G is now a key motorization at Dacia and can really make you save on fuel, with LPG consumption of 7-8 liters / 100 km. Obviously it is to be considered bi-fuel, just a button to switch to the petrol tank, staying on foot is practically impossible, even if you end up in areas where LPG is not distributed.

Dacia Jogger in our opinion

On the Dacia Jogger we did not dwell as usual because the driving experience is really too much similar to the Dacia Sandero Stepway, which in any case is by no means a demerit.

Sandero Stepway is a car that goes straight to the point and we can find this same philosophy on the Jogger, which however gives you the possibility of having up to 7 seats and a huge trunk of up to over 1,800 liters with all seats folded down. It can also be had in a 5-seater version and its real strength is the price: to have a Essential 5-seater jogger with 16,800 euros to start or for 6.43 euros per day with Dacia offers. The price list continues with Jogger Expression 5 seats from 18,700 euros e Extreme 5-seater jogger from 19,550 eurosthe richest version of the range that we absolutely recommend (to find out more: we drove the Dacia Duster Extreme 2022). The LPG engine is standard on all variants, just to make you understand when Dacia now identifies with this solution, but switching to petrol costs only 150 euros more. What it costs can be the color, up to 650 euros, and some equipment, with the Pack Drive Plus which is priced at 550 euros and the Pack Navigation which costs 450 euros.

With exactly 1,000 euros, however, we can have a practically Full Optional Jogger full of sensors (Blind Spot Warning included) and an essential infotainment system that can however be expanded with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay – with the latter also working wirelessly. For a 7-seater jogger is enough for 19,600 euros in the Expression version, or 20,450 euros in the Extreme variant. Dacia has therefore taken the excellent DNA of its latest vehicles and inserted it into a more spacious and versatile body, which can reach 7 seats. The price ratio? Exceptional as a Dacia tradition, difficult to find better at the same cost.

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