Lifeina’s mini fridge transports medicines cool and safe

Patients with a chronic disease such as diabetes or Crohn’s disease should have their medication on hand, but that’s not all, they should also be kept cool. Not easy when you are traveling or on the move…

Diabetes, MS, polyarthritis, Crohn’s disease… All these pathologies require medication to be taken at regular intervals, medication to be kept at a certain temperature under risk of destruction. When you’re at home, it’s easy to put them in the fridge in the right conditions, but what happens on the go?

Mobile fridge

Lifeina has developed a kind of mini-fridge that can keep medicines between 2 and 8°C (legislation requires it), for a period of up to 24 hours. What to go hiking all day without any fear. The LifeinaBox is easy to transport and its battery allows it to store medication for 6 hours without recharging.

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Just plug the box in for 15 minutes to get it to the right temperature. The device even comes with a cigarette lighter cable for in-car charging. It costs 220 €. Lifeina also offers a backup battery for an additional 6 hours of battery life (€110), as well as a carrying case for the LifeinaBox (€55).

Uwe Diegel, the creator of Lifeinabox, is no newcomer: he founded iHealth, which designs connected health monitoring products (scales, thermometers, etc.). He had the idea for this small fridge following a misadventure of his diabetic brother: his insulin was destroyed while it was stored in the fridge of his holiday inn. LifeinaBox responds to this problem while giving autonomy to patients.

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