Philips Hue comes first without a thread

Philips Hue doesn’t seem to have any plans for Thread support for now. This comes from an interview with George Yianni.

Philips Hue – Yes to Matter, maybe to Thread

With its Philips Hue lighting system, Signify is one of the pioneers when it comes to compatibility with the new Smart Home Standard Matter. According to its own statement, Philips Hue should be directly in the introduction of Matter be compatible. When it comes to threads, however, Signify takes a wait-and-see role, according to an interview by matter-smarthome with George Yianni out.

While Yianni sees great potential in Matter, he’s not quite so sure about Thread. So he sees a risk in the fact that there will be many implementations from different manufacturers in the same network. Thread for Philips Hue is not excluded, but currently they do not want to build Thread lamps.

The integration of Matter into the Hue system should go completely unnoticed by most users, so that the use of Alexa, the Google Assistant or HomeKit will continue to work as usual.

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