the next generation of the MINI appears as a concept of ‘crossover’ format that we will see in July

MINI already has an approximate date to present the future of the eternal british myth. At the end of July the brand plans to reveal a concept car in the form of a crossover, which will anticipate the design and philosophy that will characterize the next new range of the model.

Until that day arrives, as a ‘teaser’ MINI has left us a few pictures and a short video from which we can already start to get some clues. For example, that it will adopt a more minimalist aesthetic language although without sacrificing his charisma. The eso promise.

Goodbye to leather upholstery

The only image published so far of this concept only shows the front left corner, which allows us to appreciate little more than the new generation of the MINI will keep the protections in black plastic surrounding the bumpers and wheel arches.

More data can be deduced from the shadow of the prototype, which appears well marked in the center of the photograph and reveals details that confirm this presumed offroad looksuch as the roof rack.

For the rest, and until we have concrete data on its measurements, the silhouette defined by the shadow makes us suspect that the next MINI it will be smaller than its last predecessors. The latter would confirm what could be seen in the leaked photos last December: shorter, lower and slightly wider.

For the rest of the clues, you have to scrutinize the comments that the MINI design managers let slip with droppers throughout of the video. The first one we know very well: electric motors will be present in all bodieswhich also applies to the future Clubman and Countryman.


Image of the new MINI with camouflage

Thus, electric motors (smaller than combustion motors) will make it possible give more space inside in order to increase comfort and habitability. This possibility was already pointed out last winter by the Vision Urbanaut prototypeconceived as a rolling living room.

What perhaps the most purists do not like so much is that, for the first time in the history of the model, no animal leather option will be available for upholstery and trim. Instead, new materials will be offered sustainably sourced.

The latter does not mean that the usual thousand and one customization options for the MINI will disappear. Judging by the words of the creatives, simply will change the ways of leaving the car to taste personal.

For example, the rear lights will be made up of a Led grid that will allow us to program our own light signatureeither in the shape of the ‘Union Jack’ or any other we think of.

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