All Roborock models are now available again in the Xiaomi Home App!

Some models of the new Roborock product range were missing from the Xiaomi Home App for a while. With the new Roborock S7 Pro ULTRA, all other Roborocks are now available again in the Xiaomi app.

All Roborocks available again in the Xiaomi Home App

I just informed you that the Roborock S7 Pro ULTRA is now in the starting blocks. Meanwhile, all Roborock models can now also be integrated again into the Xiaomi Home App. A few years ago, before the manufacturer’s own Roborock app existed, the Xiaomi Home app was the only way to fully enjoy the functionality of the robots.

But of course the in-house Roborock app had to be pushed, which was quite successful. As a result, not all devices, primarily the newer ones, were listed in the Xiaomi Home App, because they wanted the Roborock App to be used more often. From now on, however, they are all back and can now interact with many other Xiaomi devices in routines. However, in my opinion, the Roborock app for Roborock vacuum mopping robots remains the first choice, simply because of the variety of functions and faster update policy.

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