Carlos Sainz was once again one second away from debuting in F1 and is already less than a race away from Charles Leclerc

It’s already three times Carlos Sainz brushes his first victory with the tips of his fingers in Formula 1 but it escapes him. In Canada he again came within a cruel second of victory, leaving Sainz frustrated after the race. Of course, green shoots are beginning to be seen in their season.

In fact, the Madrid season begins to resemble 2021, something worrying for Charles Leclerc. Without making too much noise Sainz has been recovering points thanks to the misfortunes of the Monegasque to stay a stone’s throw from Leclerc. And the man from Madrid is now much more adapted to the car than at the beginning of the season.

Sainz is solo 24 points from Leclerc tras Canada

Carlos Sainz Canada F1 2022

In Canada the race ended with Sainz glued to Max Verstappen’s gearbox, but unable to overtake him in the face of the Ferrari’s top speed deficit against Red Bull. It is the third time that Sainz has finished a race close to the winner, but unable to overtake him. A repetition that already has him pissed off.

“It was too close to be satisfied. I had a very good rhythm, very comfortable, all the time faster than max. I think that without the last Safety Car it would have been difficult for him to pass me, because I was going to stay until the end and he hadn’t been cutting me too much,” said Sainz after the race.

Sainz Canada F1 2022

Sainz passed the finish line 0.993 seconds behind Verstappen, and it’s not even the closest he’s ever come to winning a race. In the Italian Grand Prix of 2020 saw the checkered flag just 0.415 seconds behind Pierre Gasly. One more lap would have been enough. This year in Monaco he separated 1.154 seconds from Sergio Pérez.

Also, Sainz got his second fastest lap in Montreal in Formula 1, and the first since he was a Ferrari driver. The other was at the Red Bull Ring in 2020. Thus, Sainz added an extra point in Canada that repositions him quite well in the general classification in the face of a battle with his teammate who seemed lost.

Sainz Canada F1 2022

The streak of misfortunes that he is suffering Charles Leclerc has already left him a stone’s throw from Sainz. The Spaniard is only 24 points behind the Monegasque, that is, less than a race difference. And all this despite the fact that Leclerc has beaten Sainz in all the classifications except Canada, where he was dragging a penalty and did not compete.

Yes indeed, Max Verstappen continues to escape in the general of the world and he already has a 49-point lead over Leclerc. In recent races you can clearly see how Sainz has progressed in speed with the new car, so now it seems like a matter of time before his first victory in Formula 1 finally comes.

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