George Yianni explains: That’s why Matter only comes on the Hue Bridge

In the fall, the time has finally come: The new Smart Home Standard Matter should be launched and be able to connect a wide variety of devices with each other. At the same time, we users should be able to decide for ourselves which apps we want to use to control the system.

Philips Hue will also support the Matter standard – but not directly via the lamps, only via the bridge. George Yianni did (cover photo, left), the inventor of Philips Hue, announced quite a while ago. In an interview, Yianni explains why the decision was made to go this route Matter-Smarthome.

“Building all the functionality directly into the lamps would make things a lot more complicated and we don’t want to move it to the cloud. That means even if we were to use Thread, we would still need a bridge,” explains Yianni.

Even seven-year-old Hue Bridge will get the update

Also not unimportant: The firmware update of the Bridge makes the whole system compatible with Matter without having to buy new lamps. Apparently not unimportant for Signify, as George Yianni explains: “A key advantage of Philips Hue is that it is future-proof and always up to date. Many people have made large investments in a Hue system as part of their home automation, not as a gadget. And they expect these products to remain relevant for at least ten years. So far we have never asked consumers to buy new lamps.”

Incidentally, every second-generation Hue Bridge should receive the update, no matter how old it is. “Back to the first copies seven years ago. During development, we dimensioned the bridge in such a way that it is future-proof. It doesn’t have the latest and greatest chip security hardware built in, but enough to meet matter’s requirements.”

Yianni also gives us some details on the future development of Philips Hue: “We will continue to use our own API alongside matter. Our apps will leverage the Hue API to provide greater functionality. When we introduce innovations, they will first appear in the Hue app, as the standardization process takes time. And if it’s a Hue-only proprietary thing, we won’t reveal all the details for matter. For example: We would be fine if every matter device could start and stop syncing with Hue Entertainment. But it’s unlikely we’ll abandon Hue Entertainment as a proprietary innovation to other manufacturers’ lightbulbs.”

I really recommend you to take a look at the very interesting and full of technical details Interview read completely. It’s definitely an exciting thing that’s coming up.

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