memo, an app to learn English with memes

Learning English is not an easy task, it requires a lot of practice and dedication, although it is clearly one of the simplest languages ​​on the planet (just by having practically no verbal conjugations, it already earns points).

The fact is that it is possible to learn vocabulary with Duolingo, or take courses like the ones published in the article the best online english courses i knowbut nothing as original as what memo offers.

It is an app that shows memes and offers lessons to learn English with the texts of the same.

Memo was introduced as the first app to learn English using memes and gifs using a constantly growing database. They show the translation of the most complex part of the meme first, but users can always see the full translation of the meme.

It is also possible to listen to the text using the integrated voice, which helps to maintain interest and motivation.

The idea of ​​using memes is because the brain perceives it as entertainment, not as a textbook, which makes it easy to learn even unknown words or phrases.

Every day they send out new memes at a convenient time for the user, dividing the content into levels ranging from beginner to advanced.

The learning is based on repetitions at intervals, so we can configure the time to receive personal notifications.

You can download the apps from, where they are now promoting the possibility of learning Spanish as well. Yes, now it can also be used to learn Spanish, and they plan to include more languages ​​over time.

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