Meta presents its new VR viewer prototype in search of greater realism

Meta Platforms, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, continues to be firmly committed to Virtual Reality experiences, despite the fact that rival technology companies have long since thrown in the towel in favor of Augmented Reality.

The ambitions of the company directed by Zuckerberg they focus on offering an immersive Virtual Reality experience that is indistinguishable from physical reality itself offered through a viewer that is completely easy to wear, no heavy and cumbersome headsets.

In this regard, from its division in charge of developing the VR/AR experience, the company has just presented Holocake 2 today, the new prototype viewer for virtual reality which is based on the original visor prototype with holographic lenses, launched in 2020, but offering a slimmer appearance and that, according to Zuckerberg himself, it is a fully functional prototype that allows you to play any virtual reality game while connected to a PC.

Walking towards the perfection of VR experiences

According to Zuckerberg, as indicated at a press conference:

screens that match the full capacity of human vision will unlock some really important stuff

to which he adds that:

The first is a realistic sense of presence, and that is the feeling of being with someone or somewhere as if you were physically there. And given our focus on helping people connect, you can see why this is so important.

In this regard, the manager tested the new prototype making use of photorealistic avatars in a mixed reality environment where the virtual companion offered the sensation of being really in the same place, practically at his side, implying the possibilities of presence with family and friends that the device can offer, even though they are physically in different places.

Zuckerberg has also emphasized the achievements carried out in Reality Labs showing a variety of virtual reality headset prototypes made by this division of the company, although he acknowledges that he is still far from being in front of what he considers to be the perfect virtual reality viewer.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that it must comply with a high resolution VR 20/20 vision experience, have a variable focal length and eye tracking, without distortions caused by the lenses, in addition to offering HDR images for a greater level of detail, all this included in a simple and light device.

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