Meta relies on luxury to dress the avatars of the metaverse

If you can’t afford luxury clothes in real life, why not bet on the metaverse?

The metaverse of Meta is closer than you think. Today, the firm unveils its first virtual store, which will be used to dress your avatar with virtual clothes. in the metaverse. But this store, although completely digital, will house clothes from very real brands, and not the least.

On his Twitter post, Meta announces his collaboration with designer houses Prada, Balanciaga and Thom Browne. The firm says:Need a new outfit for your avatar? We’re launching our avatar shop on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger so you can buy digital apparel.”

These are names (and styles) that usually do not go unnoticed, and should appeal to fashion lovers. Highlighted by Mark Zuckerberg himself and Eva Chen, the clothes already promise to be snapped up by metaverse users… but not only. Horizon, which currently acts as a precursor metaverse, counts hundreds of thousands of users, but is still a fairly niche subject.

To reach the maximum number of potential users, the virtual store of Meta should be accessible on the brand’s social networks, namely Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. For the moment, we do not know when exactly the store will be accessible, nor at what price the items will be offered. They may come from luxury houses, but they are still virtual items, so in our opinion they should be less expensive than physical clothing.

However, we are not immune to misadventures related to the metaverse and more particularly to NFTs. They could be sold in very limited quantities, leave the shelves in seconds and be resold at a high price afterwards. While this is a concern for the fashion industry, even in the real world, the speculative nature of NFTs and cryptocurrencies makes the business even more complicated. It remains to be seen how this will be implemented.

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