Netflix has a solution to keep its subscribers (and it’s not going to please everyone)

Netflix could radically transform its catalog to respond to an increasingly competitive market.

As the red N platform loses more and more subscribers, Netflix plans to take a drastic decision to relaunch the ticket machine. According to the American channel CNBC, the company could very seriously abandon its classic model to return to a weekly distribution.

Never say never

For the company that invented the binge watching, hard to imagine a return to a more classic broadcast mode. However, the SVOD market has already surprised us more than once this year, in particular by popularizing the idea of ​​a lower-cost subscription financed by advertising, or by abandoning going to the cinema to focus on the small screen. This time, it is the viewing of a single draft that is on the table. Netflix had to take the loss of 200,000 subscribers over the past few months, and expects to soar to over 2 million paid accounts worldwide by the end of the year.

It is therefore logical that the N rouge seeks by all means to retain its subscribers and its leading position in the market. Among the firm’s latest successes, season 4 of Stranger Things was a worldwide success, even though for the moment, only the first episodes are accessible. A two-stage broadcast that has already generated more than 287 million hours watchedand no doubt many new subscribers.

Faced with this record success, it is therefore logical that the SVOD giant plans to repeat the experience. Going forward, the next seasons of The Witcher, The Bridgerton Chronicle or even of Squid Gamewhich formalized its season 2 could therefore bet on this type of programming. The idea is not new, Disney+ and Amazon Prime have already adopted it. It must be said that in addition to increasing the tension between the broadcast of two episodes of a series, it also allows (above all) to keep viewers hooked longerand to reduce the disengagement rate from one month to the next.

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