Pixelz AI, automatic digital art creation, ready for the NFT world

After talking at length about the wonders of solutions that transform text into images, it’s time to give it the vintage effect that is so fashionable.

We are now talking about pixelz, a website in which we can create art from a text, giving a series of variables that can further customize the result.

Pixelz AI It allows anyone to create unique works of art using words, captions, phrases, images, and presets. The AI ​​solution paints or draws an image that we can download, share or even create as NFTs.

To use it we have to give our email and wait to receive the email with the unique link that will allow our entry, without passwords. Once the link is received, we can put the desired text and wait several minutes for it to be generated.

At the moment it does not show any text of the “busy servers” type, something that does happen with the already famous DALL-E minibut it is true that it takes a long time to return results, so it is better to aim well with the variables that we indicate, so as not to have to repeat the result a lot.

This is what I have achieved by asking him to show a cat watching TV.

cat watching tv

As tips, they indicate that we can use preset filters to give the overall image a unique effect like charcoal, bladerunner or steampunk. We can set the number of iterations: this is the number of times the AI ​​tries to draw, 200 is a good way to test it. We can also choose an artist so that the creation is painted in the style of a specific one.

Initially they give us two credits, but if we share the result on networks, and we tag them, we get free credits.

The results are very similar to those obtained with the app Wombo Dreamideal for experimenting with artificial intelligence and verifying how the advancement of technology in this sector continues to impress Greeks and Trojans.

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