there will be a production Ami Buggy, but in a very limited series

It’s only been a few months since we met little Citroën My Ami Buggy Concepta kind of camperized version of the small Citroën Ami with a very beachy style and off-road touches, and now the prototype becomes reality: the brand has just announced that this electric original will finally reach production.

Of course, it will do it in the form of ‘ultra-limited’ version to 50 units that will go on sale tomorrow on the official website of the model and that they will go exclusively to the French market.

Each of them will have a numbered plate on the dashboard and they will begin to be delivered to homes from August 8.

Open to the sky and without doors


El Citroen’My Ami Buggy Ultra Special Limited Edition‘ features elements from the My Ami Pop and Vibe versions, such as the front and rear bumper reinforcements, the front and headlight guards, the wheel arches and side skirts, and the rear spoiler, which give it a more muscular look than in the original version.

As for the distinctive elements of the exterior design of this version, they draw powerful attention the absence of doors (replaced by metal tubes with hinges) or the roof, which is retractable and It has a light gray soft topin a nod to the iconic Mehari and even some versions of the 2CV.

This protective fabric is rollable, “with a good density, waterproof and with anti-UV treatment to protect the driver and passenger from both the sun’s rays and inclement weather,” according to the manufacturer. The soft top secures around the roof opening with snap fasteners and can be easily rolled up and stored behind the seats.

Ami Concept Aper

Image of the Citroën My Ami Buggy Concept prototype

In addition, the body has a exclusive khaki color that contrasts with the bright yellow details that the prototype already had, and that we can see on the front plate or in decorative elements such as the direction arrows stuck in the wheel arches.

We also find this color in aspects of the interior such as the three compartments on the dashboard, the hook for hanging bags and the opening straps. Also in the seams of the seats or in the mats.

Regarding the striking wheels that finish off the set, they wrap around eye-catching 14″ gold wheels with the double chevron of the brand in the central position and they have specific black decorative hub covers for this version.

Regarding the mechanics, there are no differences with the rest of the versions of the range. Thus, this new limited series equips the well-known 8.2 hp electric motor which allows it to reach a maximum speed of 45 km/h and a 5.5 kWh battery with an average range of 75 km. When it goes on sale, we will know the final price of this curious version.

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