This youtuber is only 15 years old and does not have a license, but he has a collection of supercars that will explode your head

Many of us when we were 15 years old could only dream of the cars in the magazines, or at most, start saving for any bargain when we turned 18 while collecting scale models.

Luckier is Donald Dougher, an American YouTuber who has real supercars in his garage like a Pagani, a Bugatti or a Ferrari who still can’t drive. At least legally.

This boy, who opened his “Donlad” channel in 2019already has almost 600,000 subscribers and it is estimated that he earns about 25,000 dollars a month (more than 23,200 euros in exchange). Soon it may be more, at the rate that their accounts on other networks such as Instagram or TikTok grow. But how is it possible?

A movie garage valued at more than 10 million dollars

Yes, it is clear that being born into a ‘good family’ surely helps Californian teenager Donald Dougher have the lifestyle he has at just 15 years old.

But the truth is that, since he created his YouTube channel in 2019, he uploads videos frequently (every Wednesday and every Saturday according to his page), which have from 50,000 views on average to more than a million in some cases.

Instead of sticking to a specific theme, “Donlad’s” videos range from food to lifestyle and travel, to pranks, clothes, and of course, cars. But not just any car, of course.

These videos are the ones that generate the most success and income, and it is not for less, since the self-proclaimed “richest kid in America” ​​has access to some of the most exclusive supercars in the world.

For his collection have passed a McLaren 570a Ferrari Cali T, a Rolls Royce Dawnand Lamborghini Batand more recently a Pagani Huayra Roadster violet (for being the favorite color of his mother) with which a friend of his has suffered a mishap, a Bugatti Chiron 110 Ans or a Ferrrari LaFerrariof which there are only 499 units in the world.

While waiting for be able to drive legally all these jewels when he turns 16 (the legal age to do so in California, USA), Donald is already getting his license.

Even so, in some video he already recognizes that he has “driven before” and in fact, he does not hide, because he can even be seen behind the wheel of one of his toys both on his family’s properties and on the road.

Its content may or may not be a saint of our devotion, but the truth is that seeing some of the jewels that it keeps in the garage of the family mansion, we can say that it has taken full advantage of the opportunity that its surname has given it.

In addition to social networks, Donald also spends his time with his own clothing brand and even the foundation “Unity Project”, which is dedicated to helping the disadvantaged.

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