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For many moviegoers, OLED is a dream… But a dream still unattainable for many of them! Televisions equipped with this technology are indeed still very expensive. This could change in the coming months.

The OLED offers an image of incomparable quality: really deep blacks, brilliant colors, and last but not least, the energy consumption is moderate. Such technology delights lovers of beautiful images, but the problem is that it is still out of budget for the majority of viewers.

A competitor for LG

And for good reason: the manufacturers of televisions are in fact only supplied by a single subcontractor, in this case the Korean group LG Display. Without competition, the company has full latitude to impose its prices, which are all the higher as OLED technology is expensive to produce.

Samsung has tried to get into this niche with QD-OLED panels, but there too you have to pay the price to equip yourself and in any case, QD-OLED is not yet intended to be integrated into mid-range televisions. However, all hope is not lost. The Chinese giant BOE has announced that it will produce large OLED screens, after smaller panels for smartphones and tablets.

BOE will indeed launch a 95-inch 8K television with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Admittedly, this will once again be an inaccessible screen for ordinary mortals. However, the company would also plan to produce five OLED panels for models from 55 to 95 inches.

Manufacturing would begin shortly, with BOE aiming for a rate of 300,000 units per year, or around 5% of the market for current OLED screens. Not enough to completely democratize this technology, but competition that could push prices down, and allow other players to enter the game.

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