Xiaomi 13 Pro: Notice of earlier release surfaced


The Xiaomi 13 Pro could interrupt the manufacturer’s release rhythm. The smartphone should appear earlier than previously assumed. This could not only have advantages.

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is set to launch earlier this year.

The Xiaomi 13 Pro is set to launch earlier this year. (Source: Screenshot Xiaomi stream)

  • The last two Xiaomi models appeared in December.
  • The Xiaomi 13 Pro could be launched earlier.
  • However, releasing it too early could also have disadvantages.

Xiaomi has in the past two years the models of Xiaomi-Reihe launched in China in December. These then appeared a few months later and were already equipped with the latest processor from Qualcomm. This year it looks like the Chinese market launch will be brought forward a bit.

The Reliable Tipster”Digital Chat Station” has posted new information on Weibo, which gives hope for an earlier market launch. Apparently, Xiaomi is a month faster this year and can therefore release the new smartphones earlier. That would then mean a release in November instead of December.

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Even if that sounds good at first, the premature launch could also have disadvantages. For example, Qualcomm only introduced the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in December, which is why it could be missing from the Xiaomi 13 Pro. That would be a big disadvantage compared to competitors like Samsung.

Furthermore, we have to be patient anyway, since the release in China always happens a little earlier than in Europe. We’re likely to release in January or February, although no official date has been set yet.

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