a deadly trailer for the season 4 finale

Netflix has just unveiled the final trailer for the release of the final episodes of the latest season and it promises!

Season 4 of Stranger Things kept us on our toes from start to finish. With a most intense first part, the series is about to conclude its fourth part of the most epic way. After a few short trailers revealing the first images of the finale scheduled for July 1, Netflix is ​​embarking on the home stretch with a two-minute trailer that seems to promise new scares and a good dose of adrenaline.

We will be talking here about what the trailer suggests, so prepare yourself for some theories but above all: watch out for spoilers! If you still haven’t finished the first part of this season, there’s still time to turn back…

bandeau spoilers


The new big bad of the series has not finished acting up and freezing the blood of our young protagonists. In the final episode of Part 1, the monster from the Upside Down was revealed to be none other than One, the first”enfantof Doctor Brenner with psychic powers similar to Eleven. After a relentless confrontation, our dear El opened the rift to the Upside Down from the body of One, then sending her carnal envelope to take the form of Vecna ​​in this parallel world to Hawkins.

Obviously not sufficiently traumatized by the Upside Down, the trailer reveals our favorite heroes returning to the fault of their own free will, obviously to finish once and for all with the tyrant with immeasurable powers. It’s a safe bet that the danger will not leave them unscathed, the series could well take on the air of Game of Thrones on the side of the macabre… Moreover, the actor of Eddie Munson has allowed himself to warn the fans of a possible tragic end, then it will be necessary to prepare the handkerchiefs!

All the characters will have to put their hands in the dough to save Hawkins, as well as their own skin. As Will says in these new snippets, Vecna ​​“won’t stop until it takes hold of all of us.” In the trailer, the young boy also finds himself in a scene with his brother which seems to be quite moving. Will Will finally reveal the secret El was referring to at the start of the season (a coming-out in sight)?

Fights, explosions and destruction seem to be waiting for us next week for a finale that promises to be… deadly. Verdict in the final part of the series on July 1. Waiting, June 24 will mark the opening of the official pop-up store Stranger Things on the Champs-Élysées to the delight of French fans.

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