A video shows the different uses of the rear lights of the Nothing Phone (1)

Today we have to talk again about the new Nothing Phone (1), the first smart mobile phone model from Nothing, the new mobile company of Carl Pei, co-founder of OnePlus, since the youtuber Marques Brownlee has today published a video on his channel showing the many possibilities offered by the rear LED strips included in the upcoming mobile device.

As an advance, it goes far beyond the simple decorative aspect, also leaving the notification LEDs that smartphones usually have obsolete. But before going into detail about the possibilities that this interesting model will offer, we must take into account that these LED strips are qualified by the company as «interface of glyphs«, consisting of a total of 900 independent leds.

Leaving the notification LEDs, flash light and more obsolete

First of all, this play of light they will turn on completely as notifications, although the central strip will also serve as an indicator that wireless charging or reverse wireless charging is being used.

But the possibilities go further, the one that the LED strip located at the bottom will also serve to display a charging progress barso it will not be necessary to look at the screen to know the percentage of charge it is carrying at any given moment.

And as if that were not enough, these LED strips will also serve as fill light when taking photos with the rear cameras. With this, the usual flash light LEDs in other models also become obsolete in this model.

These LED strips are also capable of flash synchronously according to each of the ten call tones available in this modeland finally, Nothing Phone (1) also incorporates a Red LED that will start flashing at the moment the user starts recording a video.

In the video of Marques Brownlee it can also be seen that in this model flat metal edges have been used and on whose screen, the front camera is located in a corner through a perforation on the screen.

At the moment the main specifications, prices and markets where it is expected to arrive are unknown, but what is certain is that Nothing Tech It is already getting attention with some of its initiatives, so it is to be expected that between now and July 12 some more aspects will be revealed, to know all the details on the day of the presentation.

Interested parties may have the aforementioned video in this link.

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