An online calculator that shows how many books you can read a year

If you spend 30 minutes a day reading, and you don’t read too fast, how many books do you think you could read a year?

That is the type of question that they answer in the online calculator that I present to you today, a calculator that makes it clear that if you don’t have several books behind you, it’s because you don’t want to.

Before presenting its operation, which is not very secret, let’s see some reasons why it is so important to read books from time to time.

Reasons why it is advisable to spend time reading

– Improves spelling: when you read, over time, words are recorded almost without realizing it, so that we know how they are written without having to study spelling rules. Simply, when we see them, we know that they look good or bad.
– Improves the capacity for expression: dialogue and presenting ideas is of fundamental importance in social life. A person who likes to read has a higher ability, generally, than one who does not read.
– Feeds the imagination: While in a movie they already give us all the details of characters and settings, in the book we have to imagine it from descriptions.
– Improves the ability to concentrate: You have to remember names, follow a plot line and isolate yourself from the world to concentrate on what you are reading. It’s an anti-tiktok.

online reading calculator

If I’ve already convinced you, and the excuse is always “I don’t have time”, take a look at, where you can put the daily amount you want to dedicate to reading, your approximate speed (from very slow to very fast), and the global time you want to measure (a year, for example). In this way you will see that a person who reads slowly, dedicating half an hour a day, could read more than 30 books a year (logically, it depends on the book, reading The Lord of the Rings is not the same as reading 20 love poems and a desperate song).

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