As in the EU, US senators seek to standardize the USB-C port in electronic devices

Beginning in June, we learned of the determination of the European Parliament to define the compulsory nature of implementation of USB-C port as standard charging for small and medium electronic devices.

This measure directly affects devices such as the iPhone, which opted for their own technologies for these cases. Now, they could suffer the same fate in the United States, after the emergence of a similar proposal by a couple of senators.

They propose in the US the standardization of USB-C as a charging port

Through a new law, the European Parliament determined that, from 2024, all small and medium-sized electronic devices must use the USB-C charging port. This measure affects mobile phones, tablets, speakers, book readers, portable game consoles, cameras, headphones and laptops, with a 40-day lag in the case of the latter.

Following the steps taken in the European Union, Senators Edward J. Markey and Elizabeth Warren, addressed through an open letter to the Secretary of Commerce of their country, expressing the need to adopt a standardized loading port, citing the environmental damage attributed to electronic waste, the economic burden this generates for consumers, and the planned obsolescence of consumer electronics.

As stated by the senators at that cartathe need to pay for specific chargers for certain devices may imply a “financial burden” and that innovation should benefit consumers and that “It shouldn’t be their way, charging them with incompatible accessories and forcing them to buy different charging equipment for each device they own.”

Citing even an example that, implicitly, is reminiscent of the iPhone, the letter refers to those cases —which account for 40% of the registered complaints— in which users “they couldn’t charge their mobile phone, because the available chargers were incompatible”.

Along with presenting this diagnosis that addresses the lack of a common charging standard for all devices sold in North American territory, the proposal issued through this letter urges coordination with the office and agencies of the entire local Department of Commerce, with the aim to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses this eventual transition, covering both the needs and rights of consumers, as well as those of the environment.

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