China believes that Teslas can be spy cars, and therefore prohibits them from circulating in some sensitive places

Starting next July 1 All Tesla cars will be banned from entry to the Beidaihe tourist district, east of Beijing, China, for at least two months.

According to Reutersthe decision has been made by the authorities of this coastal enclave, where every year a retreat of the leaders of the Asian country is held.

Something similar happened earlier this month when Teslas were banned from some roads in Chengdu, coinciding with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the city.

It’s not the first time, and it may not be the last

Also last yearwhen the Chinese government withdrew access to these vehicles in its military and high-ranking army housing complexes. On all occasions, the reason has been the same.

Tesla China

Although relations between Elon Musk and China do not seem to be going through a bad time (Tesla is the only foreign manufacturer that has a Gigafactory of its characteristics in Shanghai, for example), the Asian giant mistrusts the cameras that its cars carry.

Elon Musk himself has already assured on several occasions that his cameras have no such purpose and that even “all the data generated by Tesla cars in China are stored exclusively on servers in that country”.

But the Chinese authorities do not trust that the large amount of technology that the Teslas equip cannot end up revealing some of their best kept secrets.

Tesla uses several small cameras, located primarily on the outside of the vehicle, to help guide parking, Autopilot, and level 2 autonomous driving that equip their cars.

Additionally, most models also have an interior camera mounted above the rear view mirror, but these are by no means meant to ‘spy’ or record people.

Nor would it make much sense for Tesla to “look for trouble” in what is the brand’s most important market globally, where the automaker plans to soon double its production capacity. However, it seems that for now the idea of ​​the Chinese authorities will not change.

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