Chris Evans wants to return to the MCU, but not as Captain America

The actor might not be done with the MCU.

In full promotion for the release of the film Buzz Lightning, Chris Evans could take over the role of a cult figure in the MCU, and it is not that of the Captain. While a new phase looms for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the interpreter of the super patriot soldier seems to have definitely finished with his shield. However, he could resume one of the roles that made him famous, again playing Johnny Storm, alias the Human Torch of the Fantastic 4.

Inducted in 2005 then in 2007 in the two feature films of Tim Story, the actor camped for several years the role of Storm, long before he became the first Avenger in 2011. Interviewed by MTV News, he however did not hide his enthusiasm at the idea of ​​embodying one of the Fantastic 4 again: “My God, wouldn’t that be great? But no one told me about a possible return. I’m not the same physically as I was 15, 20 years ago, but I really love this character. But come to think of it, does Marvel really have plans for Fantastic Four?

Marvel also wants a reboot

Unsurprisingly, Marvel has plenty of plans for the quartet of heroes dreamed up by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. A new film had even been announced under the leadership of Jon Watts (to whom we owe the last trilogy Spider-Man), but the filmmaker had finally withdrawn from the project, without anyone knowing more. The American giant has already stabilized its casting for several years to avoid double roles and inconsistencies. In the reboot initiated in 2015 by Josh Trank. The Human Torch was then embodied by Michael B. Jordan, but had not really been unanimous with the fans.

Pour Chris Evans, Johnny Storm’s return would be a no-brainer : “It would be easier for me to come back as Johnny Storm than as Captain America. Cap is so precious to me and I don’t want to misrepresent the experience I had with this superhero. (…) I don’t think La Torche really had a chance. We made these movies before Marvel found its footing.”. So the idea was launched. From there to know if the house of ideas will decide to recall the actor at the helm, there is a world.

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