First impression: The Philips Hue Perifo rail system

In late summer 2022, Philips Hue will launch its first proprietary track system. Various starter sets from 649.99 euros can be configured with additional lamps and accessories so that you can create your very own lighting experience.

Even if I haven’t been able to install the Perifo system at home yet, I’ve already been able to collect the first impressions for you. You can get a brief overview of the new rail system in the following video, after which I will provide you with further details in this article.

Philips Hue Perifo brings rails to the wall or ceiling

The Perifo system, which is available in white or black, can not only be put together flexibly, but can also be mounted on the wall or ceiling. When used on the ceiling, the existing lamp connection is used. For wall mounting, an external power pack is used, which is simply plugged into a free socket. In both cases, 100 watts of power are available for the 24 volt track system. That’s enough for almost 20 spots, for example.

These lamps are available at the start of the system

At the start of the Perifo system you can choose from four different light sources that can be flexibly plugged into the rails. The LEDs are permanently installed in the swiveling spotlights and the pendant lights, so the maximum brightness is around 500 lumens. This is significantly more than would be possible with GU10 spots.

A modification of the well-known Philips Hue Play Gradient Tube is also available for the Perifo system – in two different sizes. In principle, these are the already known gradient tubes, which were only equipped with suitable adapters for the rails. The tubes can display color gradients and can also be freely rotated to throw the light in the desired direction.

Philips Hue also offers Perifo Light Bars that are rigidly integrated into the rails. Normal White and Color Ambiance technique without gradient effect is used here.

This accessory will be available for the Perifo system

In addition to the two power supplies for wall and ceiling mounting, Philips Hue will also offer connectors to connect the 50, 100 and 150 centimeter long rails. In principle, the rails can also be shortened to achieve a certain length. In addition to the normal connecting pieces, there are also corner connectors. At the top of my wish list, but not yet available, is a T-piece and a corner connector for the connection between the wall and the ceiling.

These are the prices for the Perifo system

When the Philips Hue Perifo rail system launches in late summer, various starter sets and additional accessories will be available. Philips Hue wants to offer a configurator on its website to find the right products. Here is an overview of the planned euro prices:

  • Hue Perifo Set 3x pendant light in black or white: 649.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo Set 4x Spots ceiling light in black or white: 749.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo Set 3x Spots + Lightbar ceiling light in black or white: 799.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo Set 3x Spots wall light in black or white: 649.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo Set wall light Gradient Tube in black or white 799.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo rails in black or white: 49.99 – 89.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo connectors black or white: 19.99 – 29.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo power supply for wall or ceiling: 99.99 euros
  • Hue Perifo lights: 119.99 – 299.99 euros

Certainly not necessarily cheap, but in my opinion very high quality and with possibilities that no one else has ever seen before Manufacturer of rail systems offers. I will definitely take a closer look at the Perifo splints as soon as I can try them out myself.

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