Google could change the way it presents search results

Google could make it even easier for you to find the answer to that query you are making from its search engine.

This is just a test for now, but the Google team is looking to optimize search results with more featured snippets.

Google could highlight more relevant information in search results

When we perform a search in Google search engine, we almost always find a featured snippet at the top of the pages. Search results. Next come the related questions, the videos, and the rest of the results.

A dynamic that aims to help you find an answer to your question as soon as possible, without having to scroll through pages and pages of results. However, this dynamic may change a bit in the near future.

As mentioned in AndroidCentral, Google is testing with multiple featured snippets in search results. A dynamic that you can see in the screenshots he shared William Álvarez.

In your example, you can see that the Google app returns four featured snippets for your query. A dynamic that could be interesting if the results complement each other, but can create more confusion if the featured sources offer different opinions.

On the other hand, this new format in search results could be good news for websites, as they would have a better chance of appearing among the featured search results.

At the moment, these featured snippets appear to be part of a test being conducted by the Google team, both on the desktop and mobile app. You are not only testing with more snippets, but also in the presentation of the information. For example, some users have noticed that the key text of the article is highlighted, in others a summary continues to appear, etc.

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