In California, this meat vending machine wants to bleed the competition

A Californian butcher has just inaugurated its automatic meat vending machine, open 24 hours a day.

In California, the East Sacramento butcher’s had an original idea, that of offering a meat vending machineopen 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The idea had already been seen across the country and even internationally, with distributors of bread and pastries, pizzas or even from hamburgers and of luxury cars. This time, V. Miller’s butcher’s shop is taking a new step, offering its customers the possibility of buying meat at any time of the day or night, including when the store is closed.

Obviously, with an automatic meat distributor, you should not expect tailor-made. The owner of the establishment indicates that the device will mainly make it possible to buy minced meat, sirloin or even charcuterie. Everyday consumer products that the artisanal butcher is sure to sell in large quantities, even in an automated way.

Founded in 2015, the establishment is known locally for offering artisanal meat on a short circuit, which should end up in the vending machine. “It is the same quality. It’s the same beef. They are the same animals”Assured Eric Veldman Miller. Nothing should therefore change, apart from the ease of access to the product.

Connected directly to an alarm, the V. Miller Meats meat distributor also promises to emphasize the freshness of its products. “Nothing will stay in the machine for more than seven days“, promises the craftsman, who aims to make his refrigerated machine profitable, before rolling it out all over the city of Sacramento.

No need for physical stores anymore?

For several years now, vending machines have been multiplying all over the world. In France and abroad, points of sale without cashiers or human operators are gradually gaining ground, allowing customers in a hurry or at night to do their shopping without worrying about the world or the opening hours. With us, the concept of a meat distributor has not yet arrived, but could quickly find a buyer.

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