Millions of pages show 500 Internal Server Error due to Cloudflare crash

500 internal server error

Many web pages contract the services of Cloudflare so that the page loads faster. What it does is send your content to Cloudflare so that Cloudflare replicates it on various servers around the world, so that if someone from another country accesses our website, Cloudflare gives them the closest copy.

That’s just one of the services it offers, but there are many others, such as cache enhancements, security, attack protection, and much more.

There are so many advantages of a service like Cloudflare, that not only websites usually hire it, but also services and applications, such as Discord, for example.

The fact is that Cloudflare is currently failing, so that most of the pages that use its service show a “500 Internal Server Error” error. This is a “P0 critical incident”, and it is affecting several regions around the world.

Everyone who uses Cloudflare’s DNS has fallen, and from the company they are already working to solve it, first with a patch to verify if they manage to get the service up, and then with the final solution that still has no arrival forecast.

It is not the first time that Cloudflare has had problems, although it is something that happens very rarely, being one of the main causes when “half” of the Internet becomes unavailable at the same time.

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