The renewal of Fernando Alonso with Alpine would be very close thanks to the new destination for Oscar Piastri

The renovation of Fernando Alonso by Alpine now it is very close. For weeks it seemed that the Asturian’s path was going to separate from that of Renault, especially after statements by Luca de Meo, the company’s CEO, in Barcelona and of the cold relationship with Otmar Szafnauer, the boss of the Alpine team.

However, a turn in the driver market seems to open the doors to renewal for Alonso: Oscar Piastri would end up on loan at the Williams team. Thus, Alpine could keep its three drivers, the fast Frenchman, the promising youngster and the legend of the brand, until the 2024 season, and there assess the situation again.

Alonso would continue in Formula 1 until he was 43 years old

Alonso Canada F1 2022

Talks will begin in the summer with the aim of reaching an agreement for two more seasons, which would ensure the presence of Fernando Alonso in Formula 1 at least until 2024when I am 43 years old. It has always been the desire of the Asturian, and now it is also for the brand.

In recent weeks Toto Wolff assured that Mercedes wanted to get rid of one of its customer teams and everything indicates that it will be Williams. Soon the rumors han placed Renault as a future driver, as it is the only manufacturer that only has one team in its fleet. Although the Andretti’s project keeps fluttering.

Fernando Alonso Canada F1 2022

Whether or not Renault finishes at Williams, it seems that the agreement for Piastri is independent. Alpine would like to do a Red Bull-like deal with the Williams team itself, placing its driver there. It would be in the place of Nicholas Latifiand it has even been rumored that the change could already arrive at Silverstone, which is complicated.

With Piastri placed at Williams for 2023, Alpine would definitely launch the renewal of Alonso. The Spanish driver has already said that he wanted to continue several more seasons in Formula 1, but the options outside of Alpine were not very motivating. Aston Martin sounded, but the French project looks more promising day by day.

Alonso Canada F1 2022

Although Alonso is below Ocon in points, the truth is that he has been clearly faster throughout this season. A crucial fact in which Alonso wants to continue. He already saw himself in Canada as under special conditions the two-time world champion still has an extra piloting.

The foundations are laid, and now during the summer the new contract will have to be finalized. Perhaps on the negotiation table there is an issue such as Alonso’s freedom to take part in other types of races, with the centenary of the 24 Hours of Le Mans just around the corner. But his continuity in Formula 1 seems sealed.

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