This is VSCO Spaces, the new collaborative feature of VSCO

VSCO, the social platform oriented to photographic creativity, and also known for serving as one of the alternatives to Instagram, now begins a new stage in which it tries to return to its founding origins, that is, a community launched by creators and for creators, launching a series of novelties, especially highlighting the official arrival of VSCO Spaces as a collaborative feature where you can establish links with other like-minded creators through shared galleries.

For now, the shared galleries of VSCO Spaces will be available, starting today, for members of the communityexpanding to non-members throughout this summer of 2022 that has just begun.

Members will be the ones (for now) who will be able to create their shared galleries, establishing in them the principles of participation, to have in them up to a maximum of 15 collaborators, who may make their contributions based on observations and comments that serve as inspiration to their owners.

shared galleries they can focus on specific themes, aesthetics, locations, or even events. Among the collaborators you can also find users who are not members, as long as they receive the corresponding invitation to participate.

But in any case, there is also the possibility of expand the access of shared galleries to a wide audience by sharing them through read-only mode, allowing access to their content to a greater number of users.

According to VSCO:

We know that creativity does not occur in a vacuum. Sometimes you want to share ideas with someone, collaborate on a project, or get inspired. Connecting with your community in a safe space has always been a part of VSCO, and we’re launching Spaces to help you connect even more with like-minded creators.

This new feature will open up new possibilities for users in the VSCO community, who from today will also see new features in Studio and the arrival of Collage Mode so they can remix “photos with shapes, colors and more, with the help of layouts”.

This will be the first beginning of the new stage in which they already promise that they are working on other novelties.

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