Vodafone tariff on offer: Secure an all-network flat rate with 15 GB for only 9.99 euros at Media Markt


A Vodafone Allnet flat rate with 15 gigabytes of surfing volume is available from Media Markt for just 9.99 euros a month. We’ll tell you how good the deal is.

at Media market there is currently a suitable tariff cracker if you are looking for one cellphone tariff are in the Vodafone network. The retailer is currently offering it for just 9.99 euros a month. In addition to a flat rate for telephony and SMS, it also includes 15 gigabytes of data volume.

Starke Alternative: Would you rather use the Telekom network? Then you should check out Crash. There’s a good deal for one there Telekom Allnet Flat with 15 gigabytes of data volume at the same price. However, the deal has been counted down and is only valid for a few hours.

Allnet-Flat Vodafone Green LTE 15GB Smart

Vodafone Green LT 15GB Smart



at Media market


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  • 15 GB data volume in the Vodafone network

  • EU-Roaming inklusive

  • 50 euros exchange bonus

  • Freenet-Hotspot-Flat

The unlimited all-network flat rate applies to both telephony and SMS. You use the 15 gigabytes of data volume with a maximum speed of 50 megabits per second. With that you are also for Music- and Video-Streaming well equipped. access to that 5G network however, is missing.


You can find similar offers in our purchase advisors to Sim-Only-Deals.

The D2 tariff costs EUR 9.99 per month via Media Markt. This corresponds to a 68 percent discount compared to the regular price, which is EUR 31.99. In addition to the monthly costs, there is a one-off connection fee of EUR 39.99. However, you can secure a EUR 50 exchange bonus if you send an SMS with the content “Bonus” to 22234.

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The minimum contract period is 24 months. The cancellation must be made no later than one month before the end of this period. If you miss the appointment, the monthly costs increase to 31.99 euros.

Is the offer worth it?

The deal is very good. There is no all-net flat rate including 20 gigabytes of surfing volume directly from Vodafone. The tariff with 12 gigabytes already costs 39.99 euros per month. There are some advantages, such as access to the 5G network, but if you can do without it, Media Markt’s offer is clearly the better choice.

By the way: in ours Mobile phone tariff guide we will explain to you what to look out for when choosing a tariff. We also show what the Canceling a cell phone contract to pay attention to.

Of course you can find many more good ones Media Markt offers in the online shop and in the branches. Below we show you the current highlights where you can save money.

You can at Media Markt free club member and then benefit from many other advantages. Among other things, members of the loyalty program will receive an extended one Zero Percent Financing, and gift coupons await you. We will provide you with further information at a separate point Shippingthe payment options as well as the Returning Your Purchases.

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