a sequel in preparation at Disney?

Has Kristen Bell just confirmed the start of a Disney Frozen sequel?

Among Disney’s recent successes in cinema, Snow Queen occupies a prominent place. The adventures of Elsa and Anna have won over audiences all over the world, but the firm with the big ears has not yet announced the development of a third part.

As a reminder, the first two opuses respectively brought in 1.3 and 1.4 billion dollars at the box office. The first film had established itself as the most profitable animated film, before being dethroned by the second part. La Reine des Neiges, or Frozen for English speakers, is therefore a powerful license for studios.

3 years after this success, no news of a potential sequel, at least from Disney. Guest of Tonight Show by Jimmy Fallon, to promote her children’s book, the actress spoke on the subject. The one who lends her voice to Anna is quite up for resuming her role.

β€œI would like to announce, without any authority, Frozen 3. Please keep in mind that I said: zero authority, because I can’t do that. I am not in charge. I know Idina (Elsa) recently said she would, so if we’re all in…”

Any news during the D23?

For the time being, Disney has not formalized anything about a third film. Director Jennifer Lee had also confided that she had no plan for the sequel. It must be said that the plot seems to be complete, while the two sisters have found their place. Elsa is with the people of the forest, as Anna rules Arendelle alongside her husband Kristoff.

Nevertheless, the company is not really one to let its golden hens sleep, the D23 should be an opportunity for it to confirm or not the start of construction of such a suite.

Announcements could be numerous during the convention, which will be held from September 9 to 11 in California. At Marvel, it will no doubt be time to reveal some of the Phase 5 films, as well as some first images of series in development.

We could also have news of the calendar Star Wars, as the franchise takes a well-deserved break from the movies. In any case, we must not miss this appointment, to discover what the mouse has in store for us for the next few years. It will also be an opportunity for Disney to celebrate its 100th year of existence, with retrospectives and other events.

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