Amazon presents Proteus its first 100% autonomous factory robot

Amazon has just demonstrated two new robots: Proteus and Cardinal, capable of moving parcels on their own.

Amazon just made a new announcement regarding its work on autonomous robotics. If this discipline is especially put on the front of the stage by the exploits of Spot, the dog of Boston Dynamics, the latter is not the only one in his field. Less impressive and probably much less comfortable balancing act, Proteus is Amazon’s new gem.

Designed to work in the warehouses of the e-commerce brand, Proteus is able to move independently or by moving large trolleys in its warehouses. According Amazonthe robot is fully capable of navigating between the humans who roam the brand’s warehouses every day.

Explaining, in a simplified way, how its technology works, Amazon presented a green beam that navigates in front of the robot. If a human passes through it, the robot stops and waits for the human to move away so that it can resume its journey.

But Proteus isn’t the only robot Amazon showcased this week. Indeed, the brand also demonstrated Cardinal, a robotic arm capable of lifting packages weighing around twenty kilograms. Also self-contained, this arm should be able to pick and lift individual packages, even if they are in a stack. As with Proteus, Amazon hopes to have its robotic arm in several of the brand’s warehouses by the end of next year.

Cameras inspired by Just Walk Out for warehouses?

Latest technology presented by Amazon, a state-of-the-art camera system that manages to scan barcodes and recognize packaging without the latter being stopped. Amazon has given very little information about this technology, which could replace the individual scanners that all warehouse employees have, saving the company a lot of time.

Although we have little information about this new technology, it looks a lot like Just Walk Out, the camera system implemented by Amazon in physical stores to shop without having to checkout. Cameras, which criss-cross the area, track what products you take with you, and the commission money is automatically taken from the Amazon account with which you entered the store.

Present only in the United States for the moment, this system could see the light of day in the coming years in other countries, including France.

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