Despite the controversies, Apple AirTags are an impressive success

Regularly criticized, the AirTag would be a great success, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. Apple would sell millions of Bluetooth beacons and would already be thinking of a second generation.

Since announcing the iPhone fifteen years ago, Apple has turned almost everything it touches into gold. From smartphones to tablets to wearables, the Apple brand has had many successes for a decade. It has shaken up the world of watches with its Apple Watch and dominates the world of wireless headphones with its AirPods. In 2021, Apple has also decided to launch the AirTag and shake up the world of Bluetooth key fobs.

As usual, the company headed by Tim Cook is far from the first to get started. The market has existed for years, without having known a real explosion on the commercial level. The arrival of a giant like Apple necessarily changes the game and success seems to be there. Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst and recognized specialist in the Apple universe, believes that the Californian firm has sold 20 million AirTags in 2021.

By the end of 2022, Apple will have sold 55 million AirTags

This figure would reach 35 million in 2022totaling 55 million AirTags sold in a year and a half. An impressive success for this beacon connected in Bluetooth which “didn’t get much attention”, recalls Ming-Chi Kuo. The latter is renowned for the reliability of this information, while Apple has not published sales figures for its products for years.

However, it is difficult to situate the AirTag in relation to its competitors. Indeed, most of Apple’s rivals do not publish their figures and do not have the power of the American giant. Industry leader Tile was acquired by Life360 for $205 million and its CEO explained end of 2021 have sold “more than 40 million Tiles”. This figure seems to refer to worldwide sales and would therefore be lower than Apple’s results; despite having been present in this segment since 2012. The only competitor of a comparable size could ultimately be Samsung with its SmartTags, but the South Korean giant does not mention the sales of its tags.

Verse AirTag 2?

One thing is certain, this market is progressing and this could give Apple ideas. Still according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the enthusiasm for these trackers would push the manufacturer to develop a second generation of AirTag. However, a major element could come thwart the plans of the apple brand.

Launched discreetly, the AirTag regularly makes the news for the wrong reasons. The small accessory is accused of foster espionage and Apple had to come up with corrective updates with anti-harassment features. More recently, AirTags were at the heart of a particularly sordid news item. A woman has killed her boyfriend after locating him using Apple device.

In another register, the firm meets Other problems such as sending alerts from “ghost” AirTags.

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